To move or not to move?

So we have been thinking about moving house…yes, again!

This will be Zoey’s third house move with us (fourth / fifth in her life) and Kasper’s sixth with us (seventh in his life). Kasper is a pro at moving; he isn’t at all stressed by the packing process, he settles quickly into a new house, and he doesn’t freak out thinking we are abandoning him, which he did the first time we moved.

Zoey really surprised us with how great she did at moving. We did all the packing whilst Zoey was in her crate, so she was unaffected by that (and the process of packing everything up was what freaked Kasper out during his first move).

Surprisingly Zoey also did great with the hour and a half car journey when we moved area (which was amazing considering she’d only been on a few 15 minute car rides as a puppy previously!) and has done great with all the shorter car rides since. She does take longer to settle in a new house, and can be noisy the first few nights, but nothing too stressful for her or us! 🙂


Zoey is happy here, thanks…

We have a great house here, it’s nice and spacious and probably the nicest house we’ve ever lived in…so why move after only staying here for six months? Well, it’s a 30 minute walk to the bus / train station, and a 40 minute walk to the shop…there’s no shop in the village, and then we have to walk all the way back!! We thought we’d be able to manage it, but with all the extra dog walks we do too…zzzzzzz!

There are several things we are looking for with the next house:

  • Be close enough to a train station / have a good transport system
  • Have at least two good dog walks nearby that will work for us
  • Be closer to our vets / a new vet 
  • Be within easy walking distance of at least one local shop!
  • Have a shower (the last three places we’ve rented haven’t had a shower, I’ve missed it so much!)
  • Have an enclosed garden (this would be ideal for the dogs, but we’ve already proven we can manage without)

We viewed a house today, and whilst it was a gorgeous house (and checked all but one box!) I don’t know if there are any decent dog walks nearby. I’ve been searching everywhere on google maps, and we walked around the village today, but could only find one. I did find some public footpaths listed, so we’re going to check those out tomorrow…

Here’s some photos from one of the walks we would have near us if we took that house; we recently checked it out with Zoey 🙂



I was a little worried Zoey would be concerned about crossing the narrow bridge, she hasn’t since she was a young puppy, but she tackled it with confidence



The path eventually leads to the beach, although it’s all grass, there’s no actual beach / sandy area there!



It’s still a lovely walk and took us two hours to complete, although that was from our current house. You can see the Crag / mountain in the background of the next photo that we walk the pups up too!



And I have to include this sunset shot 😉



So yes, that’s where we’re at…to move, or not to move?!

On the one hand the dogs are probably happier without moving; they’re very settled at this house, and the walks are probably better here (although this depends on the area, and hopefully if we *did* move there wouldn’t be so many aggressive dogs about…) – on the other hand, life would be a lot easier for us if we moved…Hmmm.


10 thoughts on “To move or not to move?

  1. Wow! Only you know what is best. I am confident Zoey and Kasper will be delighted to come along. At my age I doubt I could face packing it all up again. 😉

    • Ugh, I know…I despise packing and moving house…and yet we have done it so often!! 🙂

      Yes, you are right, Kasper and Zoey would most likely manage just fine with another move – it’s just trying to work out what is best for everyone!

  2. Wow, that’s alot of moves! I’m actually at home in Lancashire right now, on a trip, and it just reminds me that I’m more countryside at heart! In Hull we live close to the city centre, it’s so convenient, we live a stones throw away from restaurants, shops, transport and days out. But the area that I’m in right now is just hills and hills, and I’m just like ‘aahh!’. Relaxation!
    I think everyone’s different, but I do think if you want a quieter, more scenic lifestyle you need a car. At this moment in time I’d happily live in the middle of no where as long as I could still get to work, supermarkets and have the odd day out and so on. Then retreat back to my hub of relaxation… 🙂

    • I think in Yorkshire, or at least West Yorkshire where I grew up, it’s easier to be in a little village AND be on bus routes and near a train station. Where we live here in Lancashire we are surrounded by gorgeous countryside, but transport is problematic and there are no local shops!

      I’m with you though, countryside over city centre any day 😉

  3. Wow looks like a gorgeous place and great for dog walks! I’m also with you on countryside over city – can’t really understand why anyone would pick noise, traffic and litter over calm, fresh air and open fields… then again, we are in Wolverhampton so I guess that’s why I hate cities so much *shrugs*
    I’m sure the dogs will be happy with whatever you choose 🙂

    • Thank you, happy pups are a priority haha! 🙂 Yes I agree 100%; give me space, peace and fields / woodland any day!

  4. So nice to “meet” you in cyberspace scarlybobs! Thanks for following me; I’m now following you! The photos you have here are absolutely gorgeous — I would love to live there! As someone who has lived her whole life in the same house, I applaud you for moving now and then. And I was very interested in reading about how your dogs managed. I forget that while change is stressful for us, it’s likewise for them. Anyway, best of luck in whatever you decide to do … and I’m looking forward to reading about it here on your blog!

    • Thank you, it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you too! 😀

      Thank you for your comments about the photos too, I adore taking / sharing pics of our adventures!!

      Oh yes, we’ve moved a lot whilst having our pups so they are a lot less stressed about moving house than they used to be, especially Kasper. I’d love to spend a good few years at our next house though and not have to move again for a while…here’s hoping! 🙂

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