A farm visit

Today we walked to a petting farm that was just over half an hours’ walk from our house, and we had a great time!

First we were greeted by the farm’s very own body guards, two emus!



These guys were great, and if they heard a bag rustle or saw food in your hand, they ran straight up to you – I have to admit, they were a little intimidating! At one point they had me backed into a corner, one on each side…pretty funny! 🙂

They were so gentle when eating from your hands though



I also saw a peacock with his tail open for the first time ever. It was a very impressive sight, although the pen they were in was too small so when his tail was up nobody could move in there.



There were some adorable lambs too – the white one reminds me of the lamb I fostered for 5 weeks many years ago, I still think about her often 🙂



And best of all? THERE WERE PUPPIES!!!!! 😀



They were about 9 – 10 weeks old, and so adorable. They were in a pen so you could reach over and fuss / play with them, so they will be very well socialised with humans! They also had great bite inhibition, I wish Zoey had been so impressive as a pup…hey, I wish she was that gentle now!! XD



And we got to cuddle one – awwww!



Here they are playing

Can you tell I wanted to bring one home?!


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