Tail Wags

My parents bought us this really cute solar-powered dog that is now perched, in a perpetual play bow, on our living room windowsill. When it’s sunny enough the dogs’ tail wags ferociously, making a dull ‘thwack‘ sound at each side. When it’s overcast like it is today, the tail only wags a little…this dog is happiest when it is sunny 🙂



When we released Kasper from his crate and he barged into the living room, he immediately zeroed in on the the little wagging dog. He was not amused, and he did not like it. He saw it, backed away from it, and gave an unhappy huff! I happy talked him, went over and picked the dog up, and showed it to him. He wasn’t truly fearful, more bemused than anything…where had this moving thing come from?!

He promptly tried to swallow the wagging dog whole (well, at least take it away so he could chomp it into pieces!!) so I swapped him for a treat. We played the LAT game, but he quickly decided that the wagging dog was not so much of a threat after all 😉

We also stocked up our treat tin yesterday, which made both dogs *very* happy!


We bought the cutest star-shaped biscuits, although they’re quite big and don’t snap very well…a bit too crumbly. Very sweet though!




Zoey patiently waiting fora treat


After having the Kong Genius for quite a few days now…we decided it wasn’t very good! 😛

The whole at the top is tiny, and the ‘X’s are so thin that you have to use either really flat or really small treats for the dog/s to be able to get them out. There’s also no way you can put PB in there, which is our pups favourite activity.

So we snipped off the edges of the flaps on the ‘X’s, like so


Now we can put far, far bigger treats in there and the dogs are able (after several minutes hard work!) to get them out, and the holes are big enough that we can spread PB inside the Kong Genius and the dogs’ tongues can fit in to slurp it out. Perfect! So, although the Kong Genius wasn’t for us, we were able to adjust it in a way that worked for our pups.

And, finally, look where I caught Kasper!



It makes me so happy to see him willingly go into a crate!



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