The doodle dog!

Yup, today it’s Kasper’s turn to bask in the blog limelight 😀

Before we even started on our big hike it was time to get some food down him. First we had a basic training session…here he is doing ‘leave it’ (the two training treats are on his paws, but you might not be able to tell as they’re tiny!)



After training (I generally train before a meal as a hungry dog tends to work harder!) it was time for Kasp’s breakfast. All I said to my partner was “Shall I go get the dogs’ food?” and Kasper flung himself off the couch, where he had been sleeping, and sat in front of the door – hilarious!



He scoffed all his food, unlike Zoey who not only takes hours to eat (only a slight exaggeration!) but also frequently turns her nose up at kibble!



Then, after waiting the obligatory hour, we headed out into the blinding sunshine for a gorgeous walk.

We decided we’d walk along the bottom of the Crag, then climb the steep side and follow the mountain back down. Crossing the car park we saw the dog that Zoey sees quite often; the owners leave it off-lead in the car park whilst they’re all busy bird watching. Zoey saw it a few days ago, and one woman said to another “You can’t trust those dogs…” referring to Zoey being a Staffy…well, that was it, everyone urgently began screaming the dogs’ name, and all Zoey wanted was to say hi!!

Today there was someone walking an aggressive Golden Retriever. They had their dog on lead, but the car park dog was off-lead and rushed over to them. The Golden Retriever went bezerk and a nasty fight almost broke out, but car park dog’s owners paid no attention as it wasn’t a Staffy…idiots.

Here’s the bottom of the Crag



And Kasper looking beautiful! (notice he’s not that tired here)



After following the lower path we entered the field and began the increasingly steep climb to the top of the Crag. Here’s Kasper admiring the view over the beaches



The style we have to cross. Thankfully the fence by the side has a gap which Zoey and Kasper can squeeze under, so we never have to worry about them managing the style (Kasper is DREADFUL with styles!!) and the view across the sea



Then we’d made it to the very top of the mountain, huzzah!

Kasper was exhausted, so I broke out the bottle of water and he gulped it all down. The splash of water that was left I tipped on his back to cool him down as it was a hot day


Okay I’m quite tired now!!


Some views from the top of the mountain





We slowly made our way back down through the forest. I tried to get a photo of Kasper walking, but whenever he saw me pointing the camera at him he sat down, I think because I had cooked liver with me and he was desperate to earn the tasty treat!



The view just above our village



And one tired happy pup – excuse the blurred tongue, he was panting lots! 😀



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