Rolling: mud and poo!

I took so many photos these past few days that I’m splitting the blog into two; today is a Zoey filled post and tomorrow will be a hefty dose of Kasper 😉

Today started off with Zoey being turfed out of our bed earlier than usual. She was not happy, she was still tired and, on getting downstairs, she was going back to sleep. But where to sleep?! After moving the dog beds out of this room, this only left the couch…or the sunny spot over by the TV! 🙂



It was funny watching her try and contort herself into the small patch of sun as it moved across the floor and slipped up the wall. 


Mummy not now, I’m tired…

We had a hilarious interesting walk with Zoey today 😉

All started off as normal, apart from the forest (for the first time EVER) was completely dry. There was NO mud on the trails at all, I can’t remember ever walking through this forest without slipping, sliding and wading through mud. Today was so nice; not only was it dry but it was a BEAUTIFUL day too. You can tell summer is on it’s way; my partner and I were walking around in t-shirts, no jackets needed!

We meandered through the forest and Zoey sniffed out a delightful dead thing to roll on. It was on the side of the hill, so as she flopped onto it she tumbled all the way down and ended up rolling at our feet, not on the dead thing at all – not that she minded! After this she was understandably grubby, but we chuckled and carried on our walk.

Then we got to the field. I don’t know what animal has been in there, but they’d deposited little heaps of dry, crusted poo everywhere. Zoey had a nibble and, suddenly, flung herself dramatically onto the ground for a roll too. ‘Oh well,’ we thought, ‘the poo is dry, it shouldn’t stain her too badly…’

Not so! The poop was thick, wet and stinky on the inside…ewww! We tried to get her up and moving as soon as we realised, but Zoey’s entire left side was coated in thick, gooey-green poo. Hmmm, nice! My partner was not amused, but I couldn’t help but laugh – at least she enjoyed herself!!

Then, as we were leaving the forest, talking about how Zoey would need a wash, Zoey managed to find the ONLY bog in the entire wood. She waded through it and came out with her ankles coated in sludge. Then, before we could stop her, she sat in the middle of the path and scratched her head with a sludge-covered foot…hahahaha!!

The result? 😉



And the lovely greenish stain on her shoulder is the poop



So we wiped her feet down with ‘The Dog Towel’ and I used a sponge to try and scrub off the green gunk…quite unsuccessfully 😉

I left the mud on her face after a cursory rub as I didn’t want to freak her out or get water in her eye. She did great whilst being cleaned, stood there very patiently and happily ate treats from her daddy.

Afterwards it was time to roll around and try get as much mud as possible on the carpet


Yes, she is stained green…




And after that it was time to settle down for some serious sleeping!



Only I kept bothering her with the camera *evil cackle*



So yes, that was our very enjoyable, gloriously sunny dog walk with Zoey! I’ll fill you in on Kasper’s adventures tomorrow 😉


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