A Dog Day

We went into the town centre today and wandered around all the different pet shops. We bought all sorts of goodies which the dogs were thrilled to see upon our return.

We bought some new training treats which, although the ingredients weren’t great, they were the smallest treats I have ever seen! They are so small and, even better, you can still snap them in half!! 



We also bought a Kong Genius toy from Yappy Dog. 



We put some of the tiny training treats in and gave it to Zoey and she spent a good few minutes getting them out. Then she gave the toy a bit of a gnaw. I might have to do some research on how they’re supposed to be used; there’s a small hole at the top that the treats can fall out from, then weird ‘X’ shaped slits which dogs may be able to get treats from too…? You can also connect Kong Genius toys together (I have no idea how!!)…so yes, I must research this toy more! 🙂




Please excuse the goop on the couch it’s from Zoey’s bone 😛




We also stocked up on an array of training treats, some dental bones and some ‘X’ shaped dentasticks that we figured may slot into the Kong Genius!



Here’s a really bad photo of Kasper in his ‘den’ eating a dentastick…yes, it does look like he has four eyes!! XD




I also bought a really cheap mat (actually a bathroom mat) so I can begin training Zoey a ‘go to mat’ command with something portable. She got the idea really quickly, probably because she already knows a few ‘go to place’ commands. The only problem I had was that if I didn’t keep her busy following commands (on the mat, into your crate, chase the treat, touch etc) then she would pick the mat up and rag it!!! 😀



Then Zoey ate her meal and about 20 minutes afterwards decided she felt quite unwell…again?! She went and snuggled under a blanket with my partner, and looked like she was going to be sick at one point, although wasn’t. I’m not usually alarmed when a dog is sick (unless they show worrying behaviour too) but this is the second time Zoey has been poorly in just over a week…maybe a vet visit is in order, although they’d probably just give her an anti-nausea injection…

Once Zoey was comfortably snuggled I released Kasper and we did some wrestling together, which was really fun! Normally we don’t get to play because Zoey will join in (and we can’t play rough with her, she forgets herself and latches onto arms!!) or if she’s in her crate she screams the house down, so I hardly ever get to play with Kasper. We had a good old rough ‘n’ tumble with me shoving him across the room and him gently holding my arm in his mouth…such fun! 🙂

We did some training too. Did some leg weaves, sit, lie down, leave it (with the treats balanced on his paws) and some handling lessons too…just asking for his paw and squeezing it and feeling between his toes, doing the same with the other paw and back paws too. He is so patient and good at getting his paws handled now!


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