Zoey does well

Well after the horrible walk we had yesterday I was nervous about how Zoey would react to other dogs…but she did great!

We played the ‘Look At That’ game, where she was rewarded every time she saw another dog (I forgot to cook the liver though >___< ). She also got to say hello to an incredibly polite, slightly nervous Terrier cross. Zoey lay down and let her new friend approach, and then they spent a good ten minutes playing chase with each other…a lovely thing to watch, if slightly difficult for my partner who had the other end of the lead!! 😀

She also did really well saying hello to an incredibly rude Labrador (whilst the owner repeatedly roared the dog’s name to no effect…). We kept the interaction short and then moved out of the way, but I was really impressed.

Y’know, all the Labradors in this area seem to be really rude and pushy with other dogs. I know they are a bouncy breed, but I can’t help but feel that people see them as an “easy” breed to own and so buy them and don’t train them…we saw an energetic Lab today that was running madly around the car park (another that hadn’t been trained any recall whatsoever) and knocked over little children in his / her enthusiasm!


Zoey is also doing great with her crate training. I’ve been teaching her the command “in” (simply ‘go into your crate’) and have been slowly slowly teaching her to follow the command from further away from her crate. Well I can give the cue about six foot from the crate now and she will sprint into it and wait in there…fabby ^__^

I’ve also worked with her on grooming these past few days and she’s now better at being groomed than Kasper! She will sit / stand patiently and wait for her treat, whereas Kasper has to be fed them almost constantly otherwise he gets nervous.

So here is the girl herself, getting the dregs of PB from her KongImage

Love this next one 🙂

ImageOh, and did I mention how dominant she is?! 😉


I’m joking, I’m joking! Her standing on my partner has absolutely nothing to do with dominance 😀


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