I am SO annoyed!! >:-(

Zoey got attacked thanks to a stupid, irresponsible dog owner AGAIN!!

Why does it always happen to my baby?! 😦

We were walking to the forest and a 12-ish year old girl came out of a driveway walking a Border Terrier. We moved ourselves and Zoey onto the grass verge so the girl could get past and carried on our way. The Border Terrier had other ideas and dragged the girl (who obviously had no control over the dog) to Zoey, immediately latching onto her face!!!

Zoey retaliated by growling at the dog, and it let go and the girl dragged it forwards. This all happened in seconds, from the dog pulling to Zoey to letting go and being moved on. I only had time to say “Hey!” to the girl, in a very pissed off ‘wtf do you think you are doing?!’ kind of way, and the girl turned around and said “I’m so sorry…”

Kind of fair enough, it wasn’t her fault, she shouldn’t have been allowed to walk a dog she couldn’t control. Thankfully we saw what driveway she came from, so were able to go knock on doors until we found where she lived. I calmly and politely informed the mother what had happened, and she apologised and asked if Zoey was okay. Zoey didn’t have any visible injuries and was wriggling away at the end of the lead to say hi to the person, bless her 🙂 So we said yes, accepted the apology, and moved on. Hopefully the mother won’t let her child walk the dog again!

I’m really worried about Zoey’s ongoing socialisation with other dogs. We see hardly any dogs in this village, and 95% of the ones we do see are dog aggressive. There are no nearby play groups or dog socialisation classes, the dogs we walk either don’t particularly like dogs or are rude puppies, and we don’t know any friends or family with a dog (with the exception of my partner’s parents and their dog is dog aggressive…)…what can we do?

For now we are going right back to the beginning and playing the ‘Look At That’ game with Zoey. Every time she sees a dog I’m going to click the clicker and give her pieces of cooked liver, her favourite. If she gets to interact with a dog, she gets more of the good stuff. For everything else it’s just normal, boring, every day treats.

And for every dog that approaches her off-lead, I’m going to shout them to get their dog. If they can’t, I will warn them I will kick their dog if it comes close to us. I don’t care what they think of me, it has been proven time and again that I can’t trust other people and their dogs.

I am SO MAD at myself too for being unable to prevent it from happening. Seeing another dog hanging off your baby’s face is the stuff of nightmares, and the fact that Zoey had to resort to growling (which she had every right to do) when I should be there to prevent her from needing to react like that makes me sad 😦



6 thoughts on “I am SO annoyed!! >:-(

    • That is a massive shame, I would dearly love for Zoey to get the chance to play with a dog other than her ‘brother’ Kasper…I’ll bet she would love playing with Stitch too 🙂

  1. Poor Zoey! I’m glad she wasn’t seriously hurt but it is a shame she was frightened. These things happen all too often in my area, too. Max was attacked when he was only 7 months old by a dog who got out of a yard. Accidents happen but it turns out Max was the 3rd dog to be attacked by this one. He did get some punctures on his face and neck and one ear was torn a little but thankfully he recovered quickly.

    I was afraid it would make him dog-aggressive but we continued to work on socialization with friendly dogs and he was fine. It did take him a few weeks to want to go to that area again. When we would get near he would stop and refuse to go further. One day we were walking with some of my friends and their dogs and when we approached the area he slowed up but then decided to continue with the other dogs. I was not going to force him to go on. I now carry a can of citronella spray in case another loose dog comes after us.

    • That must have been a terrifying experience for you both. I’m glad Max made a full recovery, and that you were able to continue socialising him so he didn’t become fearful.

      I’m hoping by rewarding Zoey every single time she sees another dog, we can help her see that there’s no need to be fearful. I wish we had friends with dogs we could walk her with, the only dog she ever gets to properly play with is Kasper and she rarely gets to say hi to other dogs in the village we now live in.

  2. Shame you don’t live nearby, Leo and I have the same problem. He loves other dogs, but doesn’t get the opportunity to socialize too often. I am glad Zoey is ok. Rogue dogs are a constant worry, especially the big ones.

    • Thank you 🙂 And it is a real shame, I bet Zoey and Leo would love to play.

      I’m constantly worried whenever I see a dog approaching now; there just seems to be so many untrained / badly trained dogs around here that it’s rubbed off onto any dog I see!

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