Choosing a vet and puppy attacks!

Since moving to this house we have been pondering which of the local vets to choose from, and think we have finally settled on the nearest one to us (which is good as we don’t drive! 😛 Although family do in case of emergencies… )

  • Inside is clean and tidy
  • The waiting room is large enough that you’re not falling over other clients and their pets!
  • The staff have always seemed friendly
  • They can put a memo on the system stating that Kasper is fearful of men – this was a big seller for us 😉

Zoey finds such talk boring…

So we are gonna go ahead and make an appointment (without the dogs) to ask the vet a few questions…these include:

  1. Do you use low-stress handling techniques?
  2. Do you treat any breeds differently? (if they mention ANYTHING  about Staffies and aggressiveness we are outta there!!)
  3. If I phone ahead and ask the staff to ignore my dog (if we just pop in to get Kasper used to the place) will they do that?
  4. What does a growl mean to you, what is your reaction to a growl? (any mention of punishment, and we are gone!)
  5. Is it okay to treat our dog/s on the floor rather than the table? (Kasper is terrified of being on the table…)

And then I have some questions specific to flea / tick / wormers / lungworm prevention:

  1. How many chemicals am I putting in / on my dogs? (To prevent lungworm I would need to use a wormer specific for lungworm, a wormer to prevent tapeworm AND a tick preventative…)
  2. Do the long term health risk of the chemicals outweigh the risk of parasites? (vet may be biased here…!)
  3.  Are there alternatives?
  4. How prevalent is lungworm in this area? (our last vet answered this truthfully and didn’t push for a sale)
  5. How dangerous is Advocate if ingested? We have two dogs so I want to be really sure it’s okay if one licks the other…I’ve heard this can be dangerous and it’s not something I’m willing to risk
  6. Can I get a prescription for these and buy elsewhere?

It’s so difficult knowing what’s best to do for your dogs…

On an entirely different note, Zoey has decided she is feeling better (yay 🙂 ) and boy has she decided she is HUNGRY and FULL OF ENERGY!!!

She has been spending so much time in her crate staring mournfully over at us



as she knows that when she is in her crate she is rewarded with food hahaha!!! What a clever little sprite! 😉



I am just so glad she is feeling better! Unfortunately there will be no walks or food until the end of today, which means she is going to be a demon puppy all day as she is NOT happy about it! She has been dragging all her beds across the room (so we have had to move all three! ), she has been chewing on our arms (No Zoey that’s not food!!! XD ) and she has been carrying my partner’s DVD cases across the room and chewing them…hey, I have been asking him to move them for ages, and thanks to Zoey he finally has! 😉

Here she is sitting on her bed (after ragging it!) trying to look all innocent



You can also read past entries on our terrible vet and brilliant vet!


2 thoughts on “Choosing a vet and puppy attacks!

  1. Warren the dog was terribly picked on after his knee surgery . . . he got a bit spoiled, and for the longest time wanted to be picked up and put on the bed . . . plus the massages . . .but none of it was worth being in his crate so he didn’t run, in his view.

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