The pups are very willing models; especially Zoey, but Kasper doesn’t really mind the camera either 😉

Here’s what they have been doing the past few days, with the exception of walk photos as it has been raining here. Constantly.


Zoey’s favourite napping place…despite the fact she is now far too big to fit there!!


Kasper’s favourite spot, snuggled up against me 🙂


“I am…so…so tired!”


I love this photo of Kasper. It’s my favourite photo. Ever.


Bat-eared Zoey!


Kasper wants the oh-so-cute treats


Big nose 😛


And ‘OMG a truck just went past!!’ Kasper 😀


2 thoughts on “Photos…

  1. More rain? Wow. I sometimes forget there are wet climates. 😉

    More great pictures. In that favorite pic of Kasper the little hair tufts by his ears are adorable.

    • We have had far too much rain this winter, and no snow (booo!) The fields have been flooded since last December, I’m not sure they’ll ever dry out! 😛

      Thank you 🙂 I love his ear tufts too! He has beautiful leg tufts as well, I’ll have to post a pic of them 🙂

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