That Staffy smile!

One of my favourite things about Staffies is their signature smile…when they’re happy, they are not afraid to let it show!


That is one happy girl! 🙂

It’s not the only thing I love about Staffies…I love their energy levels, general happiness, their appearance, their muscular builds, their intelligence, their playfulness…they’re a great breed.

When I went back to train the Airedale Terrier puppy that belongs to my Aunt and Uncle, my cousin asked me “Do you really actually like Staffordshire Bull Terriers?” YES! It saddens me so much that people only see them as “chav dogs” or being automatically “aggressive”…in fact, I would go so far as to say Staffordshire Bull Terriers are probably my favourite breed of dog. Then again I do always root for the underdog 😉

We had a wonderful walk with Zoey yesterday, although it was made much longer than planned when we spotted an aggressive dog (Border Collie) being walked in the forest. We had to double back and take a different path to usual, meaning we were out for an hour and a half in total…I didn’t hear Zoey complaining though 😉


I’ve yet to see deer in the forest, although Zoey did once find a discarded antler so they’re definitely in there somewhere! I haven’t seen a deer on the Crag yet either, although again Kasper found a deer leg (yuck!) so there must be some in hiding!


Plenty of good sniffs for Zoey

Zoey also manages to find dead things. A LOT. And of course these must be rolled on. I can never find it in my heart to stop her, she has such a big goofy grin on her face whilst rolling that we have to let her get on with it. She always manages not to smell afterwards, too, which is a miracle!




This is Zoey’s favourite field. There are three potential amazing things she finds in this field (drum roll please!)…

  1. Sheep! And my word does this pup love to herd sheep (on lead of course!)
  2. Sheep poo! A fabulous tasty delicacy according to Zoey, although Kasper prefers deer poo
  3. Pheasants…Zoey thinks pheasants are great fun, they run around squawking and she gets to pretend chase them when they fly away 🙂



Zoey’s favourite rock, there always seems to be fascinating smells at the base of this rock XD


Daffodils on the way back through the village 🙂


4 thoughts on “That Staffy smile!

    • Aren’t they? 🙂 All dogs love disgusting smelly things! At least Zoey only rolls on dead things, Kasper tries to eat them…

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