Training the Zoey pup!

We’re constantly working with Zoey to try and improve her behaviour and increase her concentration span…at the moment she has the concentration span of a gnat!

She is *terrible* at working when there are distractions about. For the longest time she couldn’t even manage a simple ‘sit’ out on a walk (even if we were stood alone in an empty car park!). Right now she will respond to a ‘sit’ 99% of the Β time, the only time she will refuse if she can hear / see people or other dogs. Such a vast improvement, and one that took a long time coming! πŸ˜€

On top of that we are working on leg weaves still, which are going well. She can do six leg weaves in a row now without stopping for a treat (she could probably do more than that…I just like rewarding her for good leg weaves πŸ™‚ ). Here’s a brief video:

We’re also working on her ‘go to crate’ command (“in”). She responds really well to this, but only understands it when I give it close by (within 6 feet, say). If I give her the command further away she will offer ‘tall’ (jumping) or ‘wave’, and basically go through a repertoire of other tricks, just not the one I want! So we are gradually increasing the distance for “in” πŸ™‚



Similarly we’re also working on her ‘go to bed command’ and trying to increase the distance with which she understands that too!


doing a ‘wait’ after going to her bed πŸ™‚

Training Zoey is always lively and fun. She’s an exuberant young pup who loves offering new behaviours. One of the tricks I really want to work on is ‘bow’ (a trick Kasper has real trouble understanding!), and as Zoey always stretches in a bow position it should be easy to capture…well, hopefully πŸ˜‰

So yeah, Zoey is doing really well! As for poor Kasper, I’m running out of easy to teach tricks that he can learn! I need to work more on leg weaves with him as Zoey is overtaking him in her leg weaving skill, oh no! πŸ˜€


Also, the Tasty Bone we bought for Zoey about a week ago (we got the beef flavoured one for Zoey in case anybody is interested) is holding up quite well, although has definitely taken some damage πŸ˜‰


She loves it though, so for dogs that enjoy chewing I would highly recommend them πŸ™‚


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