A free feeder!

One of the easiest puzzle feeders to make is from a plastic bottle. Swill it out, take the label, lid and plastic ring off, and hey presto! You gained a puzzle feeder! πŸ™‚

Fill it with your dog’s meal of kibble or simply toss a few treats in, it couldn’t be simpler!


Love Zoey in the background XD


Both our pups adore working meals out of plastic bottles, they seem to love the crunching noise it makes when chewed. It’s a simple idea and safe to use, just make sure you swap it for treats when you notice your dog has bitten through the plastic.


Zoey likes to whack the bottle along the floor using her paw


Sometimes she scuds it along with her nose


Inevitably she chews the top of the bottle closed


When she does chew the top of the bottle, preventing any more kibble from falling out, I cut a few holes in the side of the bottle and that way she’s able to get the rest out πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “A free feeder!

    • I agree! I think this was the first puzzle feeder we ever used with Kasper, way before we even knew what a puzzle feeder was! πŸ˜€

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