Lazy weekend

After having my meds changed my mood has been utterly crazy these past few days. This is especially difficult as it’s the weekend so the GP surgery is closed, meaning our only other option should things get serious is to go to A&E. Blegh.

We’re having to reassess when I take which meds and it’s really not very fun at all…thankfully I have two idiotic doofuses to keep my spirits lifted!!


Doofuses? Us?!

Today has been a pretty lazy day, so lazy in fact that Zoey hasn’t even been out for a walk yet! The pups have however played bitey-face, snarly-face and chase lots, so Zoey has been pretty exhausted…actually Kasper has too 😉



Zoey has also had a training session today whilst Kasper sat at the sidelines and watched. We worked on her go to bed command (simply “bed”), and I had her sit and wait there a few times too. For a pup with relatively poor impulse control and lacking in concentration, she does remarkably well with ‘wait’…


My partner also had her do some “how high”s, where she stands tall and jumps, and I got this awesome pic of her in midair 😀


Zoey has been intent on looking out the window these past few days, and whining / wagging at people that walk by. We, obviously, don’t mind this, but of course it sets Kasper off barking. Solution? We’ve cleverly moved a table in front of the window to block their view, mwahahaha!

As ever, Zoey is not amused…



6 thoughts on “Lazy weekend

    • Haha bless her, we use “in” as our command for ‘go in your crate’, it hasn’t been confused with anything…yet!!

      Kasper’s a dope XD

  1. Sorry to hear of your med issue. Hope they can quickly resolve it.

    The table was a great idea! Great pics as always. Kasper really knows how to relax!

    You won’t believe this (I don’t) 😉
    That antler I ordered for Mr. Stitch? He sniffed it 3 times and walked away…

    • Thank you 🙂

      Hahaha Kasper loves to relax, that’s one of his favourite poses!!

      Oh Stitch what are you like!! I can’t believe he doesn’t like antlers either haha, he’s a very complex pup! 😉

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