So photogenic

All dogs are beautiful, it’s true. But to me my dogs are the most beautiful / adorable / gorgeous / cutest pups in the world…and I just can’t help but take a bazillion photos of them on a daily basis πŸ˜‰


How handsome and dainty!

Zoey especially loves the camera. She’s been taught to love it since we adopted her at 10 weeks old, and whenever I get the camera out she runs to sit in front of it!


Oh hai there!

Kasper will tolerate the camera, because he’s a little star, but he’s certainly not as big a fan as Zoey.

Oh, and just in case anybody thinks I was bothering Zoey whilst she was in her crate…nah, the door was open, she chose to be in there πŸ˜‰



Her crate also appears very bare. We can’t put any bedding in there as Zoey rips it to shreds, and we worry about her ingesting some and it causing a blockage. She does however get put away with lots of toys, but we have to move these in the day as Kasper likes to resource guard toys.


Zoey’s ‘away’ toys


Zoey has already finished one of the antler pieces we bought the other day. It was the smallest one, but still, she chewed it down inΒ one day! Sheesh! The only thing that lasts around here are Nylabones…the root we bought them for Christmas withstood intense chewing, but both dogs quickly lost interest in it, so that was a dud…anybody else give anything to their dogs for chewing that could last us a while?!

Finally, Kasper used the dog bed in the living room the other night, and little Zoey sulked! As soon as he settled on it she went over and tried to engage him in play…I think it was all a clever plan to get him off ‘her’ dog bed, but luckily Kasper didn’t fall for it πŸ˜‰



Kasper remains victorious!



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