Antler bundle!

We’ve always paid a minimum of £8 per antler, and although that’s expensive we simply couldn’t find any cheaper anywhere, and our pups love them so much that of course we’ll pay it 🙂

Well a few days ago someone on a dog forum suggested buying antlers from ebay. Why had I never thought of this?! I did a quick search, and look what arrived in the post today 😉



This bundle of antlers, had we bought the Stagbar ones from our local pet shops, would have cost us around £65. We paid £17 for them, including postage. What a bargain!

We’re planning on giving the pups a few, but saving five for Kasper’s ‘Gotcha’ day (the day when we adopted him) which is March 25th 🙂

Also, Zoey feels like looking serious…


hahaha XD


8 thoughts on “Antler bundle!

  1. Odd when we seem on the same page with dog concerns. Just this morning I ordered a single Antler from Amazon and paid $12.50 US (includes shipping) which would be 7.51 in British Pounds. I should check Ebay.

    I am having so much trouble finding something for my new guy to chew. He likes the kong but has rejected absolutely everything else he has been offered. Tried Nylabones a few days ago. Nada…

    He did grab a new roll of toilet paper I dropped and bound away like he was gonna party. In the meantime all the dog toys grow dusty…

    • Hmm, doesn’t like Nylabones either?! Hopefully the antler will go down a treat!

      There are plenty of puzzle feeders you could try if you feed kibble, too. They’re great for mental stimulation. Try having a look at the Kong Wobbler or Buster Cube, they will make meals last longer and require him to use his brain 😉

      Hahaha both our pups LOVE toilet rolls too, they adore shredding it and spreading the ‘snow’ around the house 😀

    • Thanks 🙂 They can be so expensive but are so worth it, our pups both love antlers, although Zoey will gnaw them down in a few days…the only thing that lasts longer than a week with her is Nylabones!

      • I was looking for them for Sam, but mainly for my mums dogs. Sam is actually not a big chewer, and he prefers soft toys to hard toys. I was just looking at one of his toys the other day, a soft hot dog toy, and it doesn’t have a single hole in it, he got it Christmas 2013! He’s really gentle with all his toys! They get torn occasionally but he likes to toss them in the air and catch, rather than destroy! I’ve never met a dog like him! In terms of keeping his teeth clean, he does enjoy treat chews 🙂

      • Oh bless him, I wish either of our pups were like that! Soft toys are shredded in minutes around here (and they like to try it with their bed too!)…it’s a very expensive habit of theirs XD

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