Monday Madness

Got some beautiful snarly-faced pics such as…




And some funny snarly dances too; I love this one!




Kasper was absolutely knackered after this mammoth play session, which involved both dogs body slamming me constantly…ah, how I love having two dogs that never look where they are playing! XD


tired boy 🙂

After the mega-fight there was a lovely moment of calm where both pups sat around chilling.


Finally, this is the welcome my partner got when we returned home today…Zoey is so desperate to give him kisses she is actually a blur hahaha!






5 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. You have done it again… and captured some terrific moments. 😉
    Here where we live we are surround by wilderness and more wilderness. We can be in the middle of vast acreage and somehow the play always manages to “include” me… Particularly when we go to the river and both dogs are drenching wet…

    • Thank you 😀 Snapping pics of the dogs (particularly when they look cute or stupid!) is a favourite hobby of mine 😉

      Haha oh yes, wet dogs just love to shower their humans don’t they!! That’s a nice way to think the next time Kasper body slams me to the floor…I am just being ‘included’ in their play! 😛

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