A sunny Sunday

We took Zoey on the lower route of Warton Crag today; it was PACKED!

Both car parks were full and there were dogs everywhere. Most of the owners kept their dogs out of Zoey’s way, which was a shame, but she did get to say hello to a lovely Springer Spaniel called Milly. Milly’s owners were busy putting wellies on their children in the boot of the car, and left Milly roaming a very busy car park with no lead on her…we saw her almost get hit once whilst we were there!

The fallen tree is still blocking the footpath, but after watching one courageous man battle through the branches carrying his Yorkshire Terrier, we decided to give it a go too…


Somehow we made it through to the other side, and Zoey didn’t mind bustling through the branches at all, so all was well 🙂

The Crag looked very impressive and was beautiful with a blue sky above it.



We managed to encourage Zoey up onto the stone bench and she posed beautifully for a photo! 🙂



After that we followed the woodland trail into the field where there are sometimes cows. This was the muddiest part of the walk but, surprisingly, Zoey managed to remain clean. It’s the first time she hasn’t needed a wipe down in ages!



Upon getting back Zoey was shattered but, like a stroppy toddler, has refused to rest. Instead of letting her wander around the living room being a pain (grabbing things from tables and shelves is her new favourite hobby!) we gave her a Kong with some peanut butter in and that has kept her busy for about an hour now. 

We had to remove one of our fake Kongs (essentially the same size and shape but yellow!) as Zoey has managed to pull some small chunks from it. In all fairness they did cost us about £4 each (less than half the price of a real Kong) and we’ve had them for years, so I can’t fault them at all!

I’ll try post a training video of Zoey doing some of her tricks and how counter conditioning her to her harness is going at some point soon…maybe even later today if I get around to it 🙂

Finally, here’s a photo of the meecers. Sparrow is brown and white and Sushi is black, white and tan 🙂



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