Success with strangers

Well, Kasper was fantastic with our male friend last night. He was very happy to greet and go walking with him, and there was no fear upon our return to the house. It was nice knowing that he didn’t have to spend an extra five hours in his crate.

Zoey also got to come out and meet our friend too. We took her for a walk first as well, simply to try and tire her out. When we got back we kept her harness and lead on as she tends to get VERY giddy with visitors, forgetting that Zoey absolutely abhors having a lead on in the house!! 🙂

So we took it off, and she did great! She said hello to our friend, got a little giddy, and then returned to her Kongs stuffed with liver!

I think it helps that our friend is a very calm person; he doesn’t work the dogs up by screaming and gushing, he says hello to them (and truly loves them) but lets them stay as calm as possible. It’s something me and my partner are very grateful for, as friends in the past have really riled the dogs up and gotten them way too over-excited. This leads to flying leaps at the person from Zoey, along with some play biting, and humping from Kasper…something we try to avoid, really! 😛

The pups were well and truly shattered, going to bed at 4am! Zoey is still tired today! 🙂



We need to buy more liver tomorrow to be used as treats for counter conditioning Zoey. Yesterday we were walking past a driveway with a boat in it (something she has walked past dozens of times) and she became absolutely terrified of it.

Her ears went back and she ran around us both at full speed, away from the boat, tangling us all up in the lead. I have honestly not seen her that scared before…I don’t know if it was because it was dark or what, but I want to be prepared next time we walk past it (on the other side of the road!) with lots of tasty, high value treats.


6 thoughts on “Success with strangers

    • Haha, invasion of the boiler men is probably exactly what poor Kasper was thinking!!

      Thank you, Zoey seems to have a knack for looking cute 😉

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