Freak out!

Today we are having a new boiler fitted (really didn’t expect it to take as long as it is going to – about 7 hours!)

This is obviously a very trying time for Kasper, who is wary of strangers and terrified of men due to his past. We had no idea that they would need to go in every room of the house (call us naive?!) and so there was no ‘safe zone’ where we could hide Kasper away and reassure him with treats.

The next best thing we could do was pop him in his crate, which he at least sees as a safe environment. The boiler men haven’t had much need to disturb him in that room, but when they do need to go through my partner is there to reassure Kasper and feed him treats.

Zoey is much easier to handle, although we do have to hold her whenever the boiler men are about as she wriggles like crazy and would love to run at them and cover them in kisses – not something a lot of people appreciate!! πŸ˜€

Tonight we also have a male friend coming around and, as Kasper will already have spent a good three hours in his crate, we are going to try and have Kasper out around our friend. When introduced to strangers properly, even men, Kasper is generally very good with them. Although still anxious, he will go to them for play and strokes, but remain slightly wary.Β 

We have the stranger meet Kasper outside, and go on a short walk with us. When we come back inside we have our guest feed Kasper high value treats, but otherwise ignore him. Depending on how comfortable Kasper is with the stranger we will then initiate play or say they can fuss him if he goes looking for attention.

He’s being an absolute star at the moment and, aside from barking at the door, hasn’t growled or huffed once! I’m just hoping this morning’s stress won’t carry across and make him more fearful of our friend tonight, but we will put plans in place to try deal with that should it happen.


4 thoughts on “Freak out!

    • Thanks, the intro’s were a success! πŸ™‚

      How do you manage Riley, or is it just a case of letting him hang out with them for a while until he feels comfortable?

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