Whiney girl

These past four nights Zoey hasn’t made any noise at all in her crate – this is unprecedented for her, usually she will moan for anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes. It was even longer when she slept in the same room as us!

But nope, these past few nights she has been quiet as a mouse…I really hope it continues! 🙂

Here she is moping in her crate whilst we set up the new mouse cage today…she was too busy moaning to eat all her food, although did finish it eventually.



She’s a very vocal dog in general, Zoey. If she wants something she will bark before offering any other behaviours; quickly followed by the ‘sit’, ‘wave’ (adorable) and, if nothing else, she will jump up…she will whiney-bark at new things (she noticed the mice for the first time the other day, for example), yip when excited and howly-bark when she is stressed and knows it’s time to put her harness on.

Yes, all in all a very vocal dog 😀

Here is the beautiful girl:



And let’s include Kasper (the mostly silent dog!) in this post…I had to make funny whistley noises to get his attention for the photo, hence the odd “what are you doing mummy??” head tilt! 😀



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