Rainy Days

Blegh, I am SO sick of this weather!!!

It feels like it has been raining continuously for months now, although obviously it hasn’t. I’d gladly swap the rain for snow, but apparently we are not so lucky 😦

Kasper doesn’t mind the rain at all, but Zoey absolutely hates it. This means we either have to miss a walk for her or we have to try and dodge the heavier showers. We managed to get her out for a full hour long walk today with only the lightest of drizzles, but compared to the blue sky I woke up to it was still pretty miserable.

Without as much outdoor time the dogs have spent their days mostly playing or chilling in the house.



And posing for the camera of course 😀 (another of my favourites, this)



We’re off on a pub crawl soon, without the dogs as neither of them do very well in social situations…Kasper becomes extremely stressed as, due to his past, he is scared of strangers, and Zoey gets highly excited around new people 🙂 Perhaps when she is older and calmer she will be a good candidate for frequenting the dog friendly pubs though.

We have frozen Kongs prepared to keep the pups busy (Zoey has two!) and they have both had nice long walks and plenty of play time today, so they should be fine to be left for about four hours.


Kasper demonstrates how chilled he can be


8 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Love your pictures. Here in the high desert we don’t worry much about rain but this summer the heat will be a big issue for dog walks. The sun can be overwhelming.

    Question. I need to get a new dog harness for my new dog. The one he came with broke. How do you like the style I see in the pics? You must like it as both dogs have that style. I would worry about it holding heat when our temp soars. On the other hand I think the strap only kind can chaff?

    • Thank you 🙂

      I *love* the style of harness we use with our pups. If you’re worried about having a harness with a wider back due to the heat, harnesses such as the EzyDog Quick Fit harness have very thin straps that shouldn’t trap the heat so much.

      When we used step-in harnesses (the kind with a strap between the front legs) we found they often rubbed our dogs whereas the EzyDog / Julius K9 harness has totally eradicated this 🙂

    • They last so much longer when frozen 🙂 We generally stuff them with peanut butter, cooked vegetables, soft cheese or wet dog food…they keep our pups busy for quite a while 🙂

      • Fab… I have a 16 month old staffy.. he likes his filled with cream cheese but I figure variety is good too 🙂 thank you x

      • Aw bless, Zoey’s just about to go 16 months old too! Staffies are my favourite breed of dogs, they’re brilliant 🙂

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