Another new harness!

Kasper’s Julius K9 harness arrived today…I love it!


It’s bright red!

It’s essentially the same as his DoxLock harness, but it’s red! We would have bought him a second DoxLock harness, but all the ones we found (and man were they hard to find!) were all super expensive (about £30), whereas the Julius K9 was £19 from Zooplus.


I think Kasper looks so smart in it! 😀


You can also buy tabs to replace where it says ‘Julius-K9’ on the harness…I would love to get one that says ‘out of control’ for Kasper!! Although ‘rescue dog’ would probably be more appropriate and helpful to members of the public 🙂



2 thoughts on “Another new harness!

  1. Spencer has a Julius K9 although I’m boring and went with all black, I love it most of the year but worry about him overheating in summer with it on as it covers a fair bit of his back. Kasper looks very handsome in his 😀 Love some of the tabs you can get for them.

    • Haha thank you 🙂 I knew I’d seen someone’s pup on WordPress wearing a Julius K9 harness!

      I really need to get some tabs, I’m thinking one side ‘out of control’ and the other ‘rescue dog’…although I’ll probably never get around to ordering them 😀

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