Zoey the model

Well, we decided today was the day we would take Zoey out for a short walk and cross our fingers and paws that her cut would be okay…it was!

We were only out for about 20 minutes, but I think Zoey really enjoyed herself. She has been going stir crazy in the house, despite puzzle feeders, training sessions and frozen Kongs. I stuffed a huge chunk of cooked liver in her Kong today, thinking it would last her maybe half an hour…she had it out in five minutes! How do they do that?!

Anyway, the walk meant she finally got to try on her new harness, hooray!



She looked just beautiful in it, although poor mite hated having it put on. It didn’t help that the side the clip is on has changed, so for a good few seconds I was fumbling around the wrong side of her! 🙂


I love the colour pattern and think it suits Zoey perfectly!


After her walk she was more than happy wearing the new harness, and gladly posed for some treats.



Such a little trooper. I hope her paw has healed for good and we can start getting her back out on walks now…


4 thoughts on “Zoey the model

    • Some fool had smashed a beer bottle, with glass covering both sides of the pavement and the road. We tried to avoid it (should have really picked her up, but we didn’t expect the glass to have spread so far) but poor Zoey cut her paw on some glass. It seems to be healing very well though.

      Haha thanks, I love her paws too! 😀

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