The crate has arrived!

Yup, Zoey’s new crate is here πŸ™‚


It looks so new and posh, haha! We may have to remove the blanket though as naughty pup chews it in the day (despite having a stuffed Kong and various chew toys in there with her *rolls eyes*)…in fact the dopey pup will actually go into the crate when the door is open just to chew the blanket!!

I got an awesome pic of both of our dogs showing off and posing like pro’s – how cute is this?! I love how huge it makes Zoey look too XD


I’ve also been doing some work on counter conditioning Zoey to having her collar put on. She hates things going over her head or being put around her neck, she always has. Now that she’s a ‘nekkid’ dog in the house, she will have to get used to having her collar put on every time she is toileted in the garden, as we don’t have good fencing. I’ve been dropping treats on the floor and slipping the collar around her neck, then praising her and giving her more treats, without actually fastening the collar. She’s not doing too bad.

Kasper has never had any issues with having a collar or harness put on, although it does make him wriggly and impatient as he knows he is going for a walk! πŸ™‚

Here he is wearing his harness, you can see the tags attached to the side in this pic too





6 thoughts on “The crate has arrived!

  1. We bought Hamish a giant sized crate to help him overcome his nocturnal chewing habit, we can fit his normal dog bed in. To make the floor comfortable when the bed is out we got a carpet remnant and cut it to the exact size of the floor tray, it drops in with no visible edges for him to chew. πŸ™‚

  2. Dog’s fears are a strange thing. I could get donna to stop treating something fearfully, but if I slipped on the reinforcement, she’ll go back to being fearful of it again after a while. So with us, it needs to be a longer term thing than I expect.

    • Yes, I struggle with not rushing the counter conditioning…I did once get Zoey to be comfortable putting her harness on (the thing she hates most) but one time I rushed her accidentally, and since then she has hated it no matter what I do!

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