Collars and Harnesses

We had a pretty scary experience today when just after returning from a walk, in play, Zoey grabbed onto Kasper’s collar and got her teeth caught around it. This resulted in her choking Kasper with both of them locked together.

Thankfully we stopped using buckle collars after reading a blog on WordPress about the dangers of dogs choking when wearing buckle collars whilst playing (thank you Linda!) Since then we have only used quick/snap release collars so, although it was fairly easy to get the collar off, it was still a horrible and scary experience 😦

So, as of now, Kasper will be a ‘nekkid’ dog in the house and will never wear a collar in the house. We have moved his tags over to his DoxLock harness for walks so he still has them with him and, as he doesn’t play with other dogs out and about, just says hello, it should be fine.

We also bought Zoey a new harness today too, which I am very excited about! 🙂 She currently has the EzyDog quick fit harness (Medium) in blue camouflage, which is the same as Kasper’s…they weren’t supposed to be matching! Zoey’s harness was originally bought for Kasper, but it was too small, so he got the next size up and, from the age of about 5 months old, Zoey fit into the spare one!

Anyway, her new harness is too cute! How adora-bull (sorry, couldn’t resist!) will she look in that?! 🙂

I also want to get Kasper another DoxLock harness (I highly recommend them, along with the EzyDog harness!), possibly in red…hmmm…



6 thoughts on “Collars and Harnesses

    • Thanks, we are too! And thank *you* for the original blog post that made us stop using buckle collars…without that it could have ended much, much worse! 🙂

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