Puppy times!

Meeting Ralph yesterday was great fun!

He was actually better behaved in the house than I expected him to be; he had good bite inhibition, he quickly learnt that jumping = being ignored, he picked ‘leave it’ up very quickly, and he had great impulse control! By the end of the day I was able to skip and jump with Ralph about, and he would sit patiently and wait for his treat – excellent! 


Such huuuge puppy paws!!

The family listened to all the recommendations I had and wrote the key things down on to poster paper to pin up where they could be easily read, I was really impressed! We had a few practice runs with people walking through the kitchen and ignoring / redirecting Ralph when he jumped up…he did really well!

Crate training went brilliantly. We threw cheese pieces into the crate and clicked when he sniffed and stepped into the crate. Then we only clicked for Ralph putting his whole body into the crate, and slowly added an “in” command. Ralph responded really well and quickly overcame his initial distrust of the crate. He was even happy to be shut in the crate with a Kong stuffed with peanut butter – whould’a thought!! 😉


The main things I think that need to be remembered with Ralph are:

  1. Keep up the training!!
  2. Only say a command once and then wait for him to figure it out
  3. Use a happy voice!! No need to speak gruffly or roughly with him.

He was a big fan of the Kong! 🙂

As for our pups, Zoey is doing great with her crate training…we have begun using higher value treats (cooked liver) for when she is in or going into her crate. We’ve also moved her crate into the living room, which has gone amazingly well so far. She will run into her crate and sit in there; she did this for an hour the other day, with us occasionally going over and rewarding her! 🙂

ImageSince sleeping next to us she also hasn’t been whining at all at night…what a good girl! We have been giving her a difficult Kong (usually wet dog food with a chunk of liver or carrot in there to make it hard to get out 😉 ) and also an extra dog walk just before bed time, and both these things seem to have really helped her settle at night.

ImageBoth dogs have had a real rough ‘n’ tumble day today. They simply adore playing rough. They will whirl around the room (around the whole house if we let them!) growling, biting and crashing into stuff, it’s just crazy!! It’s just about the one time they will ignore the positive interrupter, as they are just having too much fun…I think we might need to get some cooked liver involved!! 😉

Anyway, here they are having a great time (please ignore our messy room! 😛 )


Oh and, finally (I know, today’s has been a long one!) here are some pics of Kasper, as I feel he gets left out sometimes 😉


Doing a “leave it” with some treats


Chewing on a chicken foot – eugh! 😀




6 thoughts on “Puppy times!

  1. I guess the question is, how does one know if two dogs are play fighting or fighting for real? Since it all seems to happening so fast. 🙂 Just a thought that came while I was watching the video.

    • I think it’s all about knowing your dog and his/her play style, and always watching their body language.

      Kasper and Zoey play rough, but there are often breaks in the play, shake offs and distractions with other things. Nice, polite play, although Zoey will tell Kasper to back off when he needs reminding 😉

      Also, our two don’t play with other pups like this. They are much gentler and calmer, and make it so much easier to read their body language with strange dogs 😛

    • It was the first thing I said when I met Ralph – “Woah, his paws are massive!!” XD

      I like watching them play too, and oh yeah, they were having a blast!! I just wish they could watch where they were going a bit more!! 😀

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