Zoey’s first Gotcha Day!

It was a year ago today that we made the journey into town and picked up a little quivering bundle of puppy love…and we haven’t looked back since! 🙂

We rescued Zoey from someone who had bought her to breed with their other dog. However the other dog didn’t get on with Zoey, and so the “owner” shut Zoey outside, in winter with no shelter, and left her there for two weeks. One of the neighbours saw this happening, knew us, and asked if we could take the puppy in until we could find a more permanent home for her. We said yes. When we picked her up she didn’t even have a name.

She was tiny when we brought her home and underweight. I remember the train journey back like it was yesterday, she was wearing a collar that I had been wearing on my wrist, that was how tiny she was! She was so so little, but so well behaved on the train journey home. I carried her all the way back wrapped in a blanket, and then we introduced her to Kasper.



Kasper hated her at first and would stiffen and growl at Zoey whenever she was near. However after lots of counter conditioning with tasty treats they were friends in no time and, a few days after bringing Zoey home, they began to play together.

Zoey was so small she couldn’t even climb the stairs or get onto the couch when she first arrived home, and she was lost in the dog crate we bought for her! 🙂



I started training her immediately, and it was evident she was a very smart pup. Here’s are some videos of us doing some training when she was 11 weeks old:

Zoey is an incredible dog with so much love to give. She has learnt so much in the past year and I can’t imagine life without her. Her and Kasper are now best buds and love playing and gnawing on each other. Zoey is a great example of the breed and has turned many of my anti-Staffy family members into Staffy lovers…what a girl 🙂



We love you Zoey, hope you have enjoyed your special day today!! 😀



4 thoughts on “Zoey’s first Gotcha Day!

    • Grandma, Grandad, Holly (called her a pitbull at first lol although quickly fell in love!), bf’s family etc. She’s done a good job really!

      Haha did you enjoy the puppy pics?! 🙂

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