Sheep dog!

Today we had a hectic and very busy walk with Zoey, who was outstanding in every way!

Firstly the forest through which we were walking was having some very noisy work done, as some of the trees were being cut to help prevent a disease that is affecting trees in that particular forest. I worried about Zoey being scared of the very loud noise the workers were producing but, as ever, she made me look daft for worrying and was perfectly fine! πŸ™‚


Just enjoying the walk

Then as we were walking through the field Zoey caught her first sight of nearby sheep! She had only seen sheep through a fence before so she was VERY happy to see them πŸ˜‰


Look at those alert ears!


She handled this novelty situation very well though, and despite the fact we were practically herding the sheep as we were walking in the direction they were, she remained quite calm really. She definitely wanted to say hello to them, but she was equally interested in the little “presents” the sheep left behind too hahaha!



We made our way around the sheep and, after a few longing stares, Zoey continued along the path.



She bumped into so many dogs on the way home. One was a young and very bouncy Patterdale Terrier. He said a very rude and giddy hello to Zoey, who said hi back, then refused to move unless we walked alongside him!! Thankfully the owner wasn’t going far, and we walked on the deserted road slightly so that Zoey wasn’t forced to interact with an annoying dog with no means of escape.

Then, as we rounded a blind corner we almost walked slap bang into a very aggressive little dog (another Patterdale oddly enough) and Zoey remained very calm whilst the other dog barked its head off and tried to lunge at her.

Finally, as we were nearing the home stretch, a group of young children burst from a public footpath. They had run ahead of the adults with them and immediately began to scream at and run towards Zoey. Thankfully I was able to get them to stop and keep back before they reached her, but even so she walked past happily wagging and ignored all the noise they were making (Zoey loves children but I didn’t want an excited gaggle overwhelming her!) She really is a little super star! πŸ™‚

And since her eventful walk all she has done is sleep, despite her brother’s best efforts to get her to play πŸ˜‰


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