It’s not begging…



…it’s sitting nicely! 🙂

Yep, there are the dogs, shamelessly begging for some food from my partner’s plate!

We don’t mind begging here, as long as it’s polite begging…there is to be no pushing faces at the food, climbing onto knees or snatching at food.

Most of these Zoey still needs to learn, cheeky little devil! Although she can sit ever so nicely and patiently when she wants to, some times she will try to climb on your lap or jump at the food as you’re raising it to your mouth (!) and yet I still call her my little angel…

Today the dogs have been having great fun playing with each other. There have been some incredible wrestling matches. Zoey in particular is very agile, she will take a flying jump from the sofa, leap over Kasper, then immediately spin and launch herself at him. Today Kasper was on our giant footstool and Zoey was going bananas on the floor beneath him, running around the room like a loon, spinning in circles and yapping, it all looked like great fun – if a little exhausting! 🙂

Now Zoey is peacefully sleeping on my partner’s lap, and Kasper is having a much needed rest in his crate after his big walk.

I’ll finish with a photo of Zoey…posing as ever 😉



4 thoughts on “It’s not begging…

    • Haha, yes that is her one perfect circular spot! She also has one on her side/front leg that, when she lies a certain way, looks like a love heart 🙂

    • Ah great to know someone else allows polite begging! I’m useless at saying no…the dogs get more of the food than i do 😛

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