Dog Walks & Snoozing

Kasper hasn’t been getting the walks he should be these past few days as we have just been so busy and absolutely knackered. He’s supposed to get two hour-long walks a day, but lately he’s only been having one. Poor dog is abused 😛

We were going to make it up to him by taking him on an extra-long walk up the Crag today, but when we got up there the whole place was covered in cows!! Kasper found all this very exciting, but we didn’t want to make any of the cows nervy so we turned around and followed the path back down again. What should have been a 90 minute walk turned into a 45 minute walk…poor Kasper!


He still enjoyed it though 😉

Kasper had us in stitches last night by trying to sleep on the smallest surface in the house, the very small footstool in the living room! Even Zoey barely fits on the footstool lying down but, somehow, Kasper managed it 😀


Then of course Zoey had to turf him off and pose on it too…


But she decided that my lap was much much comfier 😉



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