Christmas Eve walks

The weather has been utterly miserable today (apart from the half an hour of snow, I enjoyed that! šŸ™‚ ) but amazingly we managed to do Kasper and Zoey’s walk without getting rained on…I have no idea how we managed it!

We took Kasper on a huge loop of Warton Crag, and man was it windy up there! My partner had to keep tight hold of Kasper’s lead as the wind was buffeting poor Kasper sideways! We also bumped into the Crag cows again, at the VERY top of the Crag!! The Crag is a very steep and treacherous climb, with some routes simply too hard to follow, so I have no idea how the cows made it up there…are cows secretly graceful and agile climbers?!



The fields are terribly flooded from the constant rain, as you can see. After dog walks both dogs come back covered in mud from head to toe thanks to all the sludgy walks due to the rain…we can’t even walk Zoey in the rain as she hates it, although she managed to walk through a brief hailstorm today and didn’t seem too distraught! šŸ™‚


Here’s the view from the bottom of the Crag, we climbed all the way to the top and followed a path down the other side



Now the walks are complete everybody is chilling on the couch watching Christmas movies and occasionally checking what Santa is up to on norad’s site…what better way to spend Christmas Eve than with the pups you love? šŸ™‚



Happy Holidays everybody, hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!


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