Christmas take two!

Today we are having the second part in our Christmas festivities, with my mum and nana coming up for a visit on the train. Today should be lots of fun, my nana will get to see our new house, we will exchange gifts, and then we are off in to Lancaster to have a meal and look around the museum. What could be better?

Unfortunately this means a rubbish day for the dogs, with plenty of time in their crates, as my mum has a severe allergy to dogs so we have to keep them both well out of her way. Even so she still can’t come into our house properly and has to stand by an open window!

Luckily we are very adept at keeping bored dogs happy, so today will mean lots of puzzle feeders, Kongs and rawhides…I’m sure the dogs will be very happy really 😉

Kasper thinks if he sits like a person he may not spark off the allergies…sorry bub that’s not the way it works!




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