Walking Warton

There are so many dog walks in this picturesque little village, it’s fantastic! Today we walked to a forest we drove past with my parents yesterday. It was a little tricky to get to, as about half the way there there were no pavements on the road, but Kasper was brilliant and kept to the side.

The wood was beautiful, all bright gold leaves to kick on the ground and with plenty of deer tracks in the mud for Kasper to sniff at. Kasper didn’t get to go off-lead as the woodland is bordered on all sides by farm land, but he enjoyed the walk nonetheless.



We’ve had some cracking walks up the Crag recently, including one where we climbed a near-vertical hill all the way to the very top, only to find it led to a dead end and we had to make our way down the same treacherous path! Now that was terrifying, especially for my partner who had Kasper puling like a steam train on lead hahaha!



We also celebrated Christmas with my parents yesterday as I won’t be seeing them this Christmas as we now live so far away. This will be the first ever Christmas I won’t have spent with my family, and will instead be spending it with my partner’s family. Weird!

We all had a fantastic day, apart from the dogs which had to spend longer in their crates due to my mum’s allergies. We swapped gifts, went for a meal and did the last of our Christmas shopping. It was a magical day. 

I also bought the last of Kasper and Zoey’s presents, they now have:

One of the root durable chews I’ve been wanting to try for ages, a huge rope dog toy with two giant tennis balls attached, a pick ‘n’ mix selection of dog chews from the doggy boutique in Lancaster, a new collar for Kasper and a huge bag of treats!

And, to finish off with, here is Zoey sitting beautifully for her new favourite treat dispensing toy 😉Image


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