News from the new house!

Well, since Monday we have had all our furniture and belongings at the new house – hooray? I guess it’s a good thing, although I’m struggling to see past the dozens and dozens of bags of unpacking at the moment!

The dogs have settled in wonderfully . I expected as much from Kasper and, aside from a little pacing and whining, he has been fine with the move…he has moved at least seven times in his short life though! 🙂 However Zoey has really surprised me, she has really settled in well and we have been hearing far less whining from her in the new house They both seem to love the huge leather sofa that the old tenants left for us 🙂





We haven’t made it up to the mountain where Kasper can be waked off-lead yet as we’ve been so busy – isn’t moving house just so stressful?!? – but we’ve found some great little walks through the fields and small woodland in the village.



There are lots of fields and different routes to take, so we are all having great fun exploring!



And, finally, because we are in the new house we have been able to put our Christmas tree up!! Major yayness! 😀



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