Saying goodbye to the sands


Since we’re moving on Friday we’ve been trying to enjoy the last few dog walks at this house. It’s difficult though, for several reasons:

– there are only two dog walks available, the jetty and along the strip of beach. Although the views are pretty, the walk itself is pretty boring. In both directions we follow a concrete path alongside a busy road

– neither of the dogs get much opportunity to go off-lead, and when they do it’s only for ten minutes

– the path directly outside our house is always covered in litter; today some jerk left chicken bones scattered all along the pavement

– the majority of dog owners we have seen here have been far worse than anywhere else we have lived; I am sick of seeing people hitting, slapping and yanking their dogs around 😦

Dog walks are a large reason why I’m looking forward to moving house (that and the damp and toxic fumes in the house!). The new house is a minute’s walk from a fantastic dog walk: Kasper will be able to spend almost an entire hour-long dog walk off-lead, he will be in heaven 🙂 There are also dozens of different routes to take up the crag and it’s a huge area to walk, so we’ll always have plenty of places to explore! 

But for now we will put up with these boring beach walks…not that many more to go 🙂




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