Kasper is the cutest!

We had a bit of a Kasper-shoot today, which was awesome as it lead to photos such as this 🙂



We went Christmas shopping today 🙂 I now have all my mum’s shopping sorted, some of my dad’s, most of the dog’s and none of my boyfriend’s…haha, ooops! The dogs have got a puzzle feeder on the way, a huuuge new rope tug toy and we need to find Kasper a new collar…hmm, please feel free to offer suggestions!

We thought we had found him the perfect collar today, it was red with bright yellow flowers on and I just know he’d have looked adorable in it…unfortunately the packaging didn’t have any size information on it, and the sales’ assistant couldn’t find any extra info. We bought the collar, cut free the cable ties and unravelled it from the cardboard…and it was TINY!!! 😛

Kasper was not happy and gave it a brief chew…





Then decided playing with a toy was a far better way to release any pent up frustration 😉



2 thoughts on “Kasper is the cutest!

    • Haha I’ll have you know Kasper looks very cute in flowery collars, his first collar was black with white flowers 😛

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