Using her head…

First day of our advents, hooray! 



That means we are not only one step closer to Christmas, but also one day closer to moving house..double hooray!! I can’t wait to get out of this house. I know I’ve whinged about it a lot, but I am sick of having to live out of the bedroom, sick of having to move pets and furniture from our fume-filled living room, and sick of the damp becoming even worse in the bedroom. We now have yellow water dripping from our bedroom ceiling to the carpet below…we have our very own water feature, how lucky we are! 😛

We also can’t put our Christmas tree up until we’ve moved, which SUCKS!  

We will be moving all the pets across (and ourselves!) on Friday, and we’ll spend the night on the floor of the new house. Cosy! Then on Sunday we have family helping us to move all our furniture across. A stressful time for all of us, but I know the dogs will cope just fine. Kasper is used to moving house by now, having moved four times already, and Zoey coped admirably when we moved to this house. And I just know the next house will be better…it can’t get any worse, can it?! 😀

We walked Zoey on her new lead today – she looked cute as a button having it attached to her collar! She said hello to the same terrier mix we saw yesterday, but today it was being walked by somebody else who was yelling at it, which made poor Zoey quite wary of it, bless her.

We’re about to take Kasper out for his walk now…not on the lavender flowery lead though, he gets mistaken for a girl far too much as it is!!!





Oh! And in case you were wondering what the title referred to, whilst playing today Zoey launched herself at me and full-on headbutted me in the nose = OUCH! She certainly knows how to use her head…





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