welcome home Quasi!

Well today when we went to my favourite pet shop the owner said he had just the thing to show me…and I resigned myself to coming home with a new addition to the family! How well he knows me! 😛

He lead me to a small Russian Dwarf hamster. The hamster in question was deformed, and had spent the past month sat in the pet shop being continually overlooked…how could I just leave him there?!

The great thing was that the pet shop owner made potential buyers aware that the hamster had something wrong with him, and had been holding on to him rather than selling him to anybody.

That’s really good, as a lot of pet shops will push any pets on customers, regardless of if the pet is healthy or it is suitable for the buyers. I know at Pets At Home we have seen a lot of sick animals, and twice in the past few years they have lied in order to try and get us to buy either their products or more pets from them. It is disgusting.

So he ended up coming home with us and, after switching some cages around, he was ready to go into his new home! We named him Quasi (short for Quasimodo) for obvious reasons 😉


He’s a very special little guy, and we are very much in love with him 🙂



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