product review: Kios cage

We bought the Kios cage from zooplus for £40, and what a great cage it has turned out to be!


– fast delivery! (not a positive for the product as such, but it arrived in two days which I thought was great, well done zooplus!)

– easy to put together, as in it took about ten seconds!

– it’s HUGE!!!

– it is very easy to clean

– at £40 it’s the cheapest cage of this size we could find

– it can be attached to other cages via tubes if wanted

– the bars are 0.7cm wide, making it perfect for even young mice

– great ventilation and climbing opportunities due to the bars



– the single door on the cage is very small

– it’s quite heavy (especially when compared with a RUB)


I was so excited when this arrived!

ImageZoey helped us put the cage together (read, got in the way!)



I had a great time attaching all the mousie toys to the bars



So what do our mice think?

Honestly they seem to love it! They were racing around their new cage and are loving having bars to climb. I did swap the water bottle to a bowl which we refill twice a day. The water bottle that came with this cage was quite complex, proved difficult to clean and was also too high due to the deep base of the cage, meaning the baby micelets couldn’t reach it!

Other than that it has proved to be a fantastic cage and I would definitely recommend it to other rodent owners 🙂

The cage dimensions are 70cm x 47cm x 28cm (LxWxH)

Here are some more pics of our girls enjoying their new home 😉







4 thoughts on “product review: Kios cage

    • It is a great cage, a really good size, my huge issue with it still is the fact it only has one (small) access point / door.

      Unfortunately two of the mice have passed away since the original post, but they were quite old for rescue mice, about 16 months. Lacy is a lone mouse now and although she looks very elderly is still going strong.

      • Thank you 🙂

        We have a Critter’s Choice habitat for two gerbils and that is a great cage, you can really fill it with substrate which the gerbs love! Access is good as the entire roof lifts off, and the roof is meshed for ventilation – only problem we’ve had is attaching a water bottle! 😛

        I’d love to get more pet mice, but there are no breeders or pet shops that sell them nearby 😦

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