“Em oh you ess ee!”

Yup, today it’s a mousey post you’re getting 😛

So we picked our new girls up yesterday. It wasn’t from a breeder, as I’d originally thought, but an accidental litter. The cage was way too small and really unclean. When we brought the girls back they acted as if they were starved and ate solidly for THREE HOURS! I quickly realised they all had respiratory infections too…my poor poor babies! 😦

We immediately swapped their substrate from wood shavings to shredded newspaper



And are hopefully picking up some meds for them tomorrow, if not tomorrow then at a vet appointment on Monday.

I’m putting so much love into these girls and really hoping they will pull through…please cross your fingers, toes, whiskers and paws and send some healing vibes our way! 🙂

In no particular order, here are the girls:

First up we have Tala. Yes, I did say we were going to call a grey / grey and white one Tala…but this little PEW (pink eyed white) just suited it more! Tala is our poorliest mouse, but is very sociable and friendly. She simply loves running through all the tunnels in the cage.




Next up we havr Bronte. She is middle-mouse when it comes to showing signs of her illness. She is also the quickest mouse to discover food, and within seconds of me scattering food she will be sat there stuffing her face!! Like Tala she is very friendly and inquisitive too. Her favourite thing to do is to climb EVERYTHING in her cage!



Finally we have Lacy, who isn’t yet showing many symptoms of her RI. Lacy is our very shy girl. She will come out to say hello and explore, but in her own time. She adores hiding in the orange tunnel and under the blue dog bowl in particular, however her all time favourite activity is digging in the new substrate until she is completely hidden!!



And what does Kasper think of all this attention being bestowed upon the mice?

He is not impressed…



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