this and that

Zoey had another walk along the jetty today, with plenty of time running at the end of her extendible lead. She explored the maze, although didn’t quite stick to the rules πŸ˜›


The wind was horrific, although Zoey didn’t seem to care. We bumped into some lovely people walking their dog, and they fell head over heels in love with Zoey. We were stood chatting to them for about ten minutes whilst they lavished love upon Zoey and she leapt around like a maniac!

ImageKasper had a lovely walk up and down the beaches too, and enjoyed some free running – see that speck in the distance flying across the mud and sand? That would be Kasper! XD


I also did something really naughty today too…Zoey may be wearing her new tartan collar that was supposed to be a Christmas present! Ooops! She looks absolutely darling in it though, I definitely think it’s her cutest collar yet πŸ™‚


Although Zoey doesn’t seem to agree πŸ˜›


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