I like dogs more than I like people…

Zoey was attacked on a dog walk today 😦

A man walking two adorable Staffies in cute little coats approached us and said “say hello nicely.” Zoey very politely said hello back. A split second later one of the Staffies had lunged at Zoey, growling, and latched onto her face. My partner pulled Zoey backwards and the man pulled his dog backwards. I immediately knelt down and began praising Zoey and feeding her handfuls of treats. She had marks on her face but no blood.

And what did the other owner do after his dog attacked Zoey? Apologise?

No. He LAUGHED. He laughed!!

My partner yelled after him, “Oh yes, that’s very funny! Its nice to see there are still people out there who are giving Staffies a bad reputation!” We walked home very upset and shaken up.

I like dogs more than I like people…


11 thoughts on “I like dogs more than I like people…

    • Sorry to hear that Max has been attacked too. Did he bounce back from it okay?

      Zoey seems fine so far. We have been rewarding her as soon as she sees another dog and praising her as we approach. She hasn’t seemed too afraid of other dogs, not even ones that look similar, which is what I was afraid of.

      • Max recovered faster than I did! I was having anxiety attacks every time I saw a loose dog. He was a little hesitant to go to that area on our walk for awhile so we just turned around and went the other way. I didn’t want to force him. After a few weeks we were walking with some friends and their dogs and when we got to that spot he hesitated but then followed them. I praised him and gave him some treats as we were walking. He is still very dog friendly, thankfully.
        Sounds like Zoey is fine – good idea to keep rewarding and praising to reassure her 🙂

      • Bless him; I’m glad he recovered 100% and still enjoys interactions with other dogs. I’m hoping Zoey can do the same 🙂

        I can empathise with the anxiety attacks, I’ve been so nervous about letting Zoey meet other dogs. There are some terrible owners around here, just today we saw a man pick his dog up by the collar and swing it around in anger. I honestly just can’t wait to move…

    • Thanks Ruby! She seems okay out and about so far, with no fear of passing other dogs. I think the handfuls of treats she gets may help a little!! 😉

    • I’ve given her some snuggles from you 🙂

      She doesn’t seem too traumatised, we’re pairing other dogs up with treats and praise to try build a positive connection with seeing them. Hopefully she hasn’t been too badly affected, I’m just so relieved she wasn’t seriously injured!

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