Interfering witch

So today on Zoey’s dog walk we met an adorable, obese Staffy that Zoey loved saying hello to. On the second meet and greet, we had a conversation that went like this:

Woman: Is she a rescue dog?

Me: She is, yes.

Woman: When did you get her?

Me: We adopted her when she was 10 weeks old.

Woman: She’s very skinny, emaciated in fact. Are you sure you’re feeding her?

Me: Um, yes…she gets fed more than our bigger dog.

Woman: Hmmm, she’s very very underweight. Look at our dog. Perhaps you should give her to someone who knows what they are doing.

Me: Well the vet has called her healthy…

We walk off. Honestly, I am fuming and really really upset by it all. It makes me feel like a terrible dog owner even though I know I’m not. Their dog was obese for Pete’s sake!! Grrrr… 😦

So anyway, here is our ‘abused’ dog…



12 thoughts on “Interfering witch

  1. The vet said Zoey’s weight was perfect and if she was like your dog, we would worry so about her joints and whether she would get arthritis and other overweight deseases from bearing all the weight. Perhaps you should give her to someone who knows what they are doing …. at least that’s what I will be huffing and puffing in my mind :P…

    • Hahaha thank you, its good to know someone agrees with me XD

      I probably should have at least said something about her dogs’ weight. I was just so shocked she had the audacity to say we were starving our dog and should give her up…when their dog could hardly walk!! Who thinks like that?! D:

  2. What a gorgeous pittie:) I’ve realized one thing after interacting with a lot of pet parents, weight is an subjective subject. It shouldn’t be, but it is. She was not able to see that your dog has what would be considered normal weight because for her normal weight equals overweight. Sorry that she made you feel bad, but if you are taking care of your furry kid, then who cares what she says. Although, I would have been angry myself:)

    • Thank you 🙂 And you’re right, there was a HUGE difference in weight between her dog and Zoey, so I guess I can see why she found it shocking! 🙂

      • Good. Have fun with your doggie, and I’ve learned that pet parents sometimes say things to help you not realizing that they might have offended you. Alex is a skinny girl no matter how much I cook for her. The vet said that she has the ideal weight for a medium-sized dog, but my cousin, yes my own cousin, commented to my girlfriend one time, “Alex is so skinny. Don’t you think she should eat more?” I just laughed. Yes, I do wish that she’d eat more, but my girl only eats when she is hungry and the food is appealing to her:-)

  3. Don’t feel bad about it, she looks fine from the pics I’ve seen and if the vets not worried you can’t be going too wrong.

    I get a lot of “oooh, isn’t he skinny!” comments about Spencer. He’s not skinny but people seem to expect Labradors to be hugely fat barrels on legs (or “chunky” as they seem to call them) and Spen isn’t. He actually has a waist and isn’t puffing and panting after walking for 5 minutes. Sadly I think people are so used to seeing overweight dogs that a dog at a healthy weight does look skinny to them.

    • I agree. You know I haven’t seen one Labrador at a healthy weight since moving here, they all look like barrels!

      More needs to be done to educate what a healthy weight is to dog owners, especially with breeds that are commonly overweight. Most people seem to think Labradors are *supposed* to be fat!

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