we are still looking for homes!

Today we went to Animal Care and walked a few of the dogs up for adoption. We used to do this at least once a week, but since my partner’s twisted artery, walking has become a pain and we don’t get to go there so often.

There were lots of new faces to see and, happily, not that many from last time we went. We walked the dogs who have been in kennels far too long, for no fault of their own. Poppy, a 4 year old Staffy cross, is just adorable and really has no training issues. She knows a few commands and does a lovely sit!



She also loves loves LOVES playing fetch. She happily played fetch for half an hour in the paddock and, after retrieving the ball, would drop it right in front of you to be thrown again! What a sweetheart! She also had the most adorable little happy dance that she did whilst waiting for the ball to be thrown; her bum would be on the floor but her front legs would be hopping up and down! 🙂


We also walked Bella who, at only 10 months old, has found herself stuck in rescue. She’s been there for several months now, which I’m finding really hard to understand! Her only issues are that she is a very big, boundy puppy girl. She’s very full-on, and pulls like a steam train on lead, both things that will improve with training and age. She’s a fantastic girl though, very intelligent and LOVES to play!


Bella isn’t an easy dog to adopt, I’ll admit that, but she has so much going for her! She is young, affectionate, fantastic with people and other dogs. She reminds me a lot of how Kasper was when we adopted him, although she’s much more confident 🙂


I just know there are perfect homes out there for Poppy and Bella; here’s hoping they find them soon!






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