A lovely walk – Warton Crag

Well, yesterday we went to look at the house…and we got it!! 🙂

We are moving house at the end of this month or the beginning of December – yes, it’s a lot of effort, but hopefully we have found the perfect house this time…there was no sign of damp anyway 😉

We went exploring the nearby Crag, as that is where the dogs would be walked, and it was lovely. The beginning is very very steep, which will make it fun on icy days and walking back down with pulling dogs!! 😀 But once you got past the steep incline it flattened out quite a lot. There are patches of woodland on the way up, which Kasper will adore, and all in all it looks like a great dog walk…we’re very excited to take the pups there!

Here are some pics (sorry, didn’t take my camera after all so it’s phone pics I’m afraid!)

The views are simply spectacular


We met a lovely waggy-tailed Boxer whilst we were up there and the owner assured me the Crag is a great dog walk.



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