Staffordshire Bull Terriers Are Evil

…or so thought most the dog walkers today 😦

Zoey did get to say hi to five dogs, and she loved all of them, but especially a little Papillion who was quite wary of her!

Then there were all the horrible, obnoxious owners who saw a Staffy and immediately thought it would savage their dog – these people annoy me so much!!

One owner let their dog greet another dog further ahead (they had a Bichon Frise), then when they got to us they picked their dog up so it wasn’t within Zoey’s reach. They didn’t stop there though, they actually carried their dog to the other side of the path, stood it on a wall and hid it from view!!!! WTF?! And as we walked past, enticing Zoey with treats because she too was wondering just what was going on, they scraped their dog along the wall so she couldn’t see it…we could hear the poor dogs’ nails scraping as they dragged it!! Ugh!

Hate to rant on my blog, but some days with a Staffy are just too sad 😦

To brighten it up, here are some pics of my golden girl chasing her tail…



8 thoughts on “Staffordshire Bull Terriers Are Evil

  1. I have had this reaction so many times, very annoying…I understand how you feel. I am glad that more an more people are starting to realise what lovely dogs they are. Unfortunately the media don’t help the situation, they never report what’s really going on, and the fact that many more people are hospitalised every year from Labradors biting them.

    • It annoys me so much because Zoey misses out on socialisation with other dogs, and she LOVES dogs!

      We have seen way more aggressive Labs than we have Staffies; but yes, whenever there is a dog bite reported, the media makes sure to use a photo of a Staffy accompanying the article. So sad 😦

  2. My pup is a pit/beagle mix. Most people will walk right up and pet her (she’s AMAZING with kids of course). They ask what kind of dog she is and the second the word pit comes out of my mouth I notice they stop petting her for a moment. My town is very bully bread friendly… but that almost instinctual hesitation must be confusing and sad for my dog 😦

    The hardest part is her “bark”. She cant help that when she is happy and playing it sounds like a growling dog ready to attack / a pig snort. The only person I’ve seen have a good reaction is a woman at our favorite dog park laughed and said she sounded funny. Proud mama moment.

    Your Zoey looks like such a sweetheart, I hope you find some dogs (really owners) that aren’t obnoxious and cary their dog away! Thats terrible!

    • Your dog sounds gorgeous πŸ™‚

      It’s such a shame people react this way to bully breeds and don’t understand that they can be just as friendly and loving as any other dog!

      I know what you mean about sounding growly whilst playing, you should hear our Zoey haha…she snarls, shows her teeth, snaps, growls and it’s all in play! Thankfully she only does this with her brother Kasper and not out in public, otherwise I dread to think what people’s reactions would be *sigh*

  3. I sometimes get that reaction with Donna… I sometimes think that the little dogs themselves will over-react… we meet a lot of them who do.. and so the owners will pick them up and walk away quickly to avoid being embarrassed by their crazy, noisy barking little dog. πŸ˜›

    Zoey is so adorable… it’s their loss not to meet her ^___^

    • Haha I can see that, we’ve met lots of mortified owners as their dog the size of Kasper’s nose tries to take his face off XD

      Thank you, we think so too ^__^

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