Zoey snugs

Without a shadow of a doubt, Zoey is my little snugglebug…Kasper might be my velcro dog, but he isn’t as determined to climb into my dressing gown or press himself quite as desperately close as Zoey does. Which is odd, as she’s a very independent little dog when she isn’t snuggling and sleeping!


Too cute, right? 🙂

And here’s the little monster when she’s awake…look at those ribs!! She’s fed almost double what Kasper is, but I guess all that boundless puppy energy keeps her so slim. Kasper was the same when he was an adolescent, and didn’t really keep any weight on until he hit about 2 years. Betsy the Beagle we walked / trained was super skinny too, and she was 8 months old.



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