Puppy Patrol

We have seen so many puppies on our dog walks these past few days, it’s been crazy! And of course overwhelmingly cute 😉

We have seen;

  • one 12 week old Beagle puppy (oh the cuteness…!)
  • one 12 week old and one 15 week old Shih Tzu puppies, separately
  • and one 12 week old Border Collie puppy!

They were all absolutely adorable, and even though I only got to say hi for a few seconds to each one, it was amazing how different they were personality-wise.

The Collie in particular was very gentle and quite shy, she was terrified of Kasper – understandable as he was being an absolute goof at the time! He was being very full-on “play with me!” with the puppy and very anxious to please with her male owner! She did come say hi to me though and I even got a few kisses from her – adorable!

Zoey got to say hi to the other three pups, and she was amazing with them. She approaches dogs in a very giddy way but is so polite and gentle when saying hello, and the puppies seemed to really respond to this. The Beagle was very confident and wanting to say hi, and Zoey initiated a game of on-lead chase! The second and youngest Shih Tzu we saw today (Ronny!!) and he happily said hi to me and Zoey, surprising its owner as he is normally very afraid of other dogs apparently.

The only sad thing is that I didn’t have my camera with me when meeting any of the pups – booo!

And here is Zoey, collapsed after her walk 😉



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