Dogs in need

Today we walked some beautiful doggies that are in rescue, in need of loving new homes. I took my old camera along and got some pics, so thought I would share πŸ™‚

First we walked Poppy, a beautiful 3 year old Collie cross. She was so dinky! She was very worried in her kennel, very anxious about meeting people and the stressful kennel environment, but once she was out in the paddock she turned into a different dog! She loved to play fetch, and every time would bring the ball back and drop it close to you so you could throw it again…somehow I don’t think she’ll be in rescue for very long πŸ˜‰


Then we went to see two of my favourite dogs, Star and Rossie. Star is a four year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is simply gorgeous. Brindle and white she is very unusual looking and just a lovely girl. She has been at the sanctuary for several years now (Staffordshire Bull Terriers get terrible press over here and rescues really struggle to find good homes for them 😦 ) and is just waiting to show what a loving, good girl she is.

Rossie is another Staffy, and is seven years old. He is squat, chunky and goooorgeous!! He’s a lovely, well-mannered boy, and the only reason he hasn’t found a home yet is his breed 😦 He does have one minor problem, and that is that when he is being walked on the lead, if he gets very excited, he will hump the walkers’ legs (this is NOT a dominance issue!!) πŸ˜€

Next we took out Bella, a young crossbreed girly who is huge! She is lovely, very full-on; full of life, wanting to play all the time and generally just a very happy girl. No dog deserves to be in rescue at her age, she is only nine months old. We had a ball playing with her in the paddock πŸ™‚


Then we came back to our own little diva, who was definitely in the right mood for posing in front of the camera!!


I love how huge her head looks here XD


So that was our day πŸ™‚ How was yours’?


8 thoughts on “Dogs in need

  1. …when he is being walked on the lead, if he gets very excited, he will hump the walkers’ legs (this is NOT a dominance issue!!)

    … sounds like an embarrassingly funny issue πŸ˜›

      • Donna did that once to my brother… I thought it made her look like an aspiring pole dancer! πŸ˜› had a good laugh … we were dog idiots then and we advised to stop her and so we did… what makes them do it anyway? I’m still not very educated in that area really.

    • For some reason WordPress won’t let me reply to your last comment so I’ll just reply again to your first…

      Hahaha Zoey “humps” Kasper (he does it all the time to her and I think she’s learnt it from him) but doesn’t really know what she’s doing, so it’s just a case of her hanging off his neck by her front paws XD

      It’s usually to do with a dog being overexcited or anxious in neutered dogs. Kasper gets too giddy all the time when playing, hence the humping πŸ˜›

      • LOL Kasper! The strange things is, when Donna did it, she didn’t seem very excited… she was just standing around and it just seem like the thought came into her mind and she did it… soberly… we had never seen her do it before so we thought it was very funny her hanging on a leg like that…

      • Haha how odd! Was it the first time she’d met your brother?

        Kasper used to hump my bf and my dad when we first adopted him, because he was anxious around men…it was a running joke that when my dad came to visit he would be humped!! Then we rescued Zoey and he got humped AND bitten when he visited hahaha! XD

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